I scream Icecream by Year 4


Year 4 enjoyed a fabulous end of term treat when an ice-cream van landed in the staff car park, full of treats for everyone! The children enjoyed a variety of delicous ices and lollies, which helped to cool them down on a very hot day! the children agreed that it was a great way to start a Monday morning!
The best part of the ice cream van was when were seeing who had a blue tongue-Angus

I loved the icecream van visit because it was a real treat for everyone and we could eat tones of ice cream (yum)- Thomas

I liked the ice cream because I got a blue tongue and I was with all my friends-Liam

I loved the ice cream truck because it was fun to pick our own icecream and eat while we talked to our friends, although it was very hot-Anushka

The ice cream was yummy and fun-Felix

My favouarte part was I got a Mr Bubble and my tongue turned blue-Sophie

I love the Mr Bubble ice lolly-Callum

I enjoyed the ice cream van coming because I could get my favourite kind-George.

Ice cream is the best because it’s delicious.  Jake

There were a variety of icecreams to choose from, it was great!  Daniel


I had a Mr Bubble and my tongue was blue afterwards!! Josh


The best part was eating icecream at school with my friends! Nate

Look at the queue! Looks yummy Brain freeze Mrs Graham enjoys one too! Cheers to ice cream We love Year 4