Sports Day By Year 4


On Thursday 9th July We had our Sports Day in Year 4.

Bouncing mad Looking crazy Getting wet Welly wanging More welly wanging Space hopping Big caterpillar Wheelbarrow

The best part was the water race when you had a sponge and had to fill a bucket of water-James

Sports was awesome because I was a good sportsman.  I had lots of fun-Toby

I loved sports day. I had to try on some really silly clothes and got soaking wet-Divine.

My favourite part was the water race but my feet got very wet and I couldn’t get my socks off-Erin

I enjoyed doing the welly wanging and it was my group that got the furthest-Jack

In sports day I really enjoyed doing the water bucket race.-Harleen

I loved sports day.  I liked the water bucket race. It was really fun.-Irin

I loved sports day becuase the best bit was going on the space hoppers- Andy.

My favourite part of sports day was the parents race becasuse they looked a bit funny-Chloe

My favourite part of sports day was the water race because I got soaking wet.-Jessica

I enjoyed the water activity with the sponges-Josh

I liked sports day becasuse of the activities and I really enjoyed the water game of the sponge-Eman

I liked sports because it was funny when Mrs Watson got hit by the welly.-Jerome

I hit Mrs Watson with the welly-Sorry!-Ava

I liked that I came first in the welly wanging-Michael

I liked sports day because parents joined in-Josh