Inclusion Quality Framework Awarded


We are delighted to share that we have been awarded the Inclusion Quality Framework Mark after a robust quality assurance process led by the Local Authority. to gain evidence to support the self-evaluation document and promote the inclusive ethos of the school.

Here are just some of the comments from the final report:

Pupils tell us they feel happy at school and are proud to be part of Archibald. One pupil stated that; ‘We really respect each other in school. Everyone is unique and teachers make us happy’. Their views echoed the inclusive ethos within school ‘People can have different opinions and like the same thing in different ways’. Children talked about ‘odd sock day’ as a way of representing differences.

There was an excellent response to our parent/carer survey with feedback from over 100 hundred families. Families described Archibald as ‘a nurturing environment’ and described their children as ‘happy and ‘thriving’. Families reported that they felt very grateful to be part of the school community.

Staff have recently attended training on PACE, trauma informed practice, positive handling and rebound therapy. CPD is planned in response to the needs of the children. In addition to this, staff seek out CPD independently in order to upskill themselves. They know they are supported to attend CPD and this is actively encouraged by the leadership team.

Professional feedback from external services who work within the school was extremely positive. There was a consistent message that the relationship between school and external partnerships is very well established and school staff value their advice and support to ensure the best outcomes for pupils. Feedback included comments that demonstrated inclusive practice, for example; ‘The school take barriers down so that children feel included and safe.’ and ‘They want to offer a solution.’

Governors play an active role in monitoring the provision for all pupils. Governors are involved in pupil progress meetings, during which the provision and progress of different groups are monitored. Inclusion is a key topic in all committee meetings, e.g., finance, personnel.  ‘Children are the most important people in the school…the budget should never compromise the provision for the children’.

The staff team are a huge asset to the school. They are enthusiastic, proactive, use initiative, enjoy a challenge and have a general ‘can do’ attitude.

Diversity permeates the curriculum. This is embedded and not restricted to specific days/weeks. Staff consistently shared the message that they are a ‘No Outsiders’ school and that events such as ‘Black History’ month is part of who they are and this is celebrated on a day to day basis.

All children are encouraged and supported to join extra-curricular clubs and activities and cost is never a reason for a child to be excluded from these. On a recent residential trip, school were able to demonstrate that they had been able to make adaptations for a pupil with additional needs and physical difficulties, with positive feedback from the child and family.