Year 1’s trip to Newcastle Castle


The children had a fabulous trip to Newcastle Castle this week. The weather was terrible but we didn’t let that stop us from having fun; we even managed to get a coach their instead of walking to the metro so we stayed nice and dry and warm!
The day was split into two halves; a workshop and a tour of the castle. During the workshop the children learnt all about the Battle of Hastings and how the Norman invasion of England changed the country forever. We learnt all about how three people were battling for the crown of England; Harald Hardrada, Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy and how William eventually went on to win and become the famous William the Conqueror. We even got to act out the battle!

We also learnt all about the armour that the army wore, how it protected them and what it was made from. Mrs Mullick even put it on; she said it was very heavy and uncomfortable!

The second activity was a tour of the castle. We learnt so much about the different parts of a castle, why castles were built and how they helped to protect the people of the city. Lots of us liked seeing a real dungeon and having a go in the stocks!

We all had a brilliant day and learnt so much!