I’ve got a Golden Ticket!


Today was Day 1 of Chocolate week, our celebration of 50 years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It began with over 80 families bringing in edible structures.  The children took part in lots of chocolate based activities in the classes throughout the day and finished with our Golden Ticket assembly. 

Every child in Recepton to Year 4 was given an envelope.  They were not allowed to open it until they were given the instruction by Mr Willy Wonka.  You could feel the excitement in the hall.


Excitement builds have I got one? I'm ready

First Mrs Turner gave prizes to all the entries to Edible Structure competion.  She then announced the winners. They had been judged by Mrs Bayes, Mrs Carr and Mrs Shaw.  The winners were Darcey (Year 1), Imogen ( Year 3) and Callum, Year 4.  They received a special prize to be revealed later.

Rapunzels towerVolcanoRacing car

Then it was time to open our envelopes and see who had one of the 20 golden tickets.  There were a number of “Charlie Bucket” moments as children found they were the lucky ones.  The winners of the sculpture competition received one too.  The winners get to experience a Chocolate workshop on Wednesday.  Check back for more information.

Some of our lucky winners I've got a golden ticket Greetings from Mr Willy Wonka Hold it up Time to find out! 117 Good Luck from Mr Wonka Previous winners A message from Mr Wonka