Animal Encounters by Year 1 Bloggers



On 8th September Year 1 had a visit from lots of animals from Animal Encounters.

We saw a bearded dragon, a giant African snail, a tarantula, a hedgehog, a hairless rat and many more.


Here are some of our favourite parts of meeting these animals.


I learnt why scorpion’s   sting.- Ben. R


My   favourite animal was the jiant African snails– Jake.#


I Like hejogs because they     spighky– Joel


I LOVE mouse tails-Erenay


My  favrite  part  was  wen  i felt  the    hedjog.
I   loved  his  spikes
.- Rowan.


We swor a  beeid dragin.     We swor a  gint afkin  snall.      We swor a hejog.  We  love pets- Emma