Stone Age Drama by Year 3 Bloggers


On September 29th 2014,  Year 3 took part in a Drama workshop about the Savage Stone Age.  They performed their finished drama for the whole school in assembly.


Let us tell you about it.

Yer 3  has been luning abat the stone  age.-Ariana

In year 3 we done a drama day and we lurned lots of facts about the stone age , bronze age and the iron age and we done a little play to the hole school. Can you believe it! I was so scary. I will tell you my part? Buzz off  i`m buzzy to Martha.– Izzy


My favourite bit of the work shop is when we did the doctor doctor jokes– Findlay

In year 3 a archilogest came in to do a drama day we did a stone age assembly abot stone age one and  class7 did too they did part 2 .-Summer

My favourite part was when Finlay shouted Ogah at Imogen  Finlay hit Imogen with his club.-Tahmeed

My favourite part was when I shouted  ougah At Imogen.-Finlay.