Keeping Healthy visitors by Year 1 Bloggers


Year 1’s topic is Food, Glorious food.  We have been learning about what is in food and how it can affect our bodies.  We have had 2 visitors to help us.  Our first visitor from Phunky foods showed us how much sugar there was in drinks.  We were shocked! Lots of children will be drinking water from now on.

Our second visitor was Mrs Winter, one of our school nurses.  She talked to us about how sugar affects our teeth and how we can care for them.  She also showed us what happens when we don’t.  We got a toothbrush and toothpaste to take home.


Find out below what we learnt and enjoyed…

A dentist came into class3.

She give people tooth brushes-Katie


I liked the dentist lade be cos she told us about looking after ar teeth.-Elizabeth


We ware   lurnin abowt      awer   teeth   wern    a   ladee     came in.    She told   us how to look afdr   awr   teeth.   She   gave   us a  tooth brush!!!  –Emma


I liked the dentist lady because she gave us the tooth brush

I gave my sister my toothpaste. I kept the brush.-Rowan.


I liked the dentist when she came in she gave me a toothbrush I gave the toothbrush to my sister she nearly uses it every night.-Esme


I liked the game of how many shuger cubes they have.-Ben R