Weather reporting by Year 3 Bloggers


Today Year 3 became weather reporters.  With the help of our Computing consultant, Julian, the children filmed the scripts they had prepared.  They created maps to use in their reports too.


This is what they had to say at lunchtime today.


Today in class8 we had a man coming in called Julian he video us all about the weather I was with Edie, Ariana and of course me. We had lots of fun .-Sophie


Today in class8 a man came in and video us and I was a bit shy so was sophie and it was fun-Ariana


We made scripts for our weather reaports.-Emma


When we filmed are weather forecast’s we had a script that we read.-Findlay


Today in class 8 a man came in called Julian. With Julian he videoed us for a weather forecast and I was so nervures and my partners where Ilayda and alexander. I was today, ilayda was tonight and alexander was tomorrow. It was really funny when it was alexander’s go because he got all of his words wrongIsabella


Class 8   have be learning about   the weather reports -Libby


We have rote a script and we are going to read it-Lola


We have been learning about weather reports(we made up the weather. ) We were put in teams of there. My fravout bit was when I had to go and say my speech. Was very scead the start but nothing bad happened. I dint even now why.-Lucy anne


We have been learning about the weather (we made the weather up.) Our group got filmed today. It sort of went wrong because the camera was not working.-Martha


My favourite part of doing the script was when we did an introduction. My group haven’t gone yet because were last. We also did some cutting and sticking we had to make a map for our background.-Maliah


My favourite part was when we stuck in the whether symbols.-Finn


On November the 24th class 8 and class7 got filmed by a man called juilen. We were reading the weather for today tomomor and today.  We had backgrouds to point at.  I told them about the weather aroud the countrys.-Edie


On November the 24th [and for the week] year 3 got filmed by Julian.  We really enjoyed it. There was a weather forecast script which we read as we were filmed- Poppy


Today in class8 a man called Julian came in to make our own weather forecast.
My partners were Finlay and Ethan   Ethan was today Finlay was tonight and I was tomorrow I was a bit shy when we did it. Ethan was first then Finlay was next then I was last I said tomrow in middlesbrough- Summer


This week we have been recording Weather reports.-Thomas

Julian has now taken the films away to be edited and to add titles.  We will share the finished videos as soon as we can.  Stay tuned.