No Pens Day in Year 2


We have a fantastic day on Wednesday because all pens were banned! That means no writing at all!

Check out our pictures and comments to see how much fun we had!

“Handwriting was fun because we got to do it with shaving foam instead!”

“My fingers got all messy and gloopy but it was still fun!”

IMG_1625 handwriting


“I enjoyed playing DJ cow in phonics. You have to find words on a word

search and at the end you get to do a disco dance!”

Try DJ Cow at home on



“In numeracy we played lots of games like ‘don’t roll a 6’ and we made repeating patterns with triangles. Check them out below!


“I really enjoyed the plaiting. We used different materials and had to remember to put the left in the middle and then the right, and keep going like a pattern!”



IMG_1631 plaitingIMG_1637  plaiting string


“I wish we had no pens day everyday!”