Year 2 DT Day


On our DT day we made some brilliant bridges using 2 chairs, a sheet of newspaper and some masking tape. We tested our bridges by putting on different items including a mars bar, a note book and a kg weight. Some of our bridges were strong enough, but some of them were destroyed. This helped us to learn about how to make our newspaper strong and stable.


Once we knew the designs and techniques that worked, we had to make a house for the three little pigs. We heard that the Big Bad Wolf was coming so they had to be strong.

Unfortunately, some of our houses got blown away… “They didn’t have any support!”

We had to think again!

We looked closely at very tall buildings in real life that don’t blow over and we noticed that they all had a wider base and then got thinner as they went up.

This time we were ready to build our own houses again.

Check them out below – we think they look fantastic!

IMG_1907building 2

building 1IMG_1569

IMG_1570finihsed buildings

DT Day was brilliant because we¬† all got to make terrific stuff!”