Welcome to Year 1’s soup sale!


In year 1, we decided that we wanted to make and sell soup!

We had to vote to see which flavours were the most popular.  We did this in numeracy and then we put the information into a graph.


The recipes told us what to do – Charlie

They told us what to put in. – Thomas

Once we knew what we needed…

we went to the shops and we grated and we chopped. – Dylan


I chopped onion, it was fun! – Joe

chopping onion

I chopped the celery, the celery was green and white. – Iona

I chopped the pumpkin, it was squishy! – Ebony


Miss Holmes cooked the soups and then they were ready to sell.

soup sale

Dangerous planning

Me and mummy bought tomato soup – Millie

The pumpkin soup was delicious! – Archie

We sold out of soup in 5 minutes! We all wish we had made more!


Thank you so much for buying our soup – Year 1