Pizza Express Excitement by Class 4


On Tuesday Class 4 went to Pizza Express.  We learnt how to make pizza.  We learnt all about the 6 ingredients in the dough and the history of the Margerita.  WE tried lots of different new foods and brought a pizza back each!


Many thanks to Jack and the staff of Pizza Express for this super (and free) trip!


I like eating a green chilli-William

I liked making the pizza- Class 4

I liked making it-Emma

I liked when we ate the olives.  My favourite was the black one!-Theo P

I tried the food-Tom

I liked when we were spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese-Henry

I liked when we roled the dough, it was so squishy-Isaac

I like when we were putting the dough in the pan-Rebecca and Lizzy

I liked when we ate a slice of pizza at school-Izzy

I liked squishing the pizza dough-Cole

I liked sprinkling the flour-Jack T


Fact!-Oil, yeast, flour, salt, sugar, water are the 6 ingredients in dough.

Fact! The biggest pizza base was stretched by an Italian man to 2m metres wide and the biggest ever tomato was used to make 21 sandwiches.

Check out our video.  How to make pizza in 7 seconds.