Year 1’s Visit to The Great North Museum


On Wednesday 14th March 2018, Year 1 visited The Great North Museum.

To get there, all the children and their grownups carefully walked to the metro and travelled in to town. It was all very exciting getting on and off the metro with so many children.

Great North Museum Great North Museum Great North Museum

When we arrived at the museum, Class 3 had time to use the Explorer Bags and Class 4 took part in a workshop with a very helpful lady called Sam, then we swapped. We all had lots of fun using the bags to answer questions and find certain animals in the museum.

Great North Museum Great North Museum Great North Museum

During the workshop we all had the opportunity to feel two animal furs. One belonged to a leopard. We learned that a leopard has spots to help with camouflage. The spots help because it looks just like the little spots of sun that reach the jungle floor through all the tall trees. We thought hard about why a leopard has sharp claws, and learned that in a jungle habitat, claws are useful for climbing trees. The second fur belonged to a caribou. Martha knew this fur was mostly white in colour to help caribous camouflage into the snow.

Great North Museum IMG_1163 IMG_1170

We also had some great discussions about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Sam was very impressed with all the children’s knowledge and understanding!

IMG_1144 Great North Museum Great North Museum

The children also had the opportunity to explore the museum with their grown ups and we completed a Scavenger Hunt in our groups. It was great fun looking at ancient artefacts from Egypt, and searching for animals. We even spotted the T-Rex and shark!

A huge thank you to the staff at The Great North Museum, and to all the helpers that arrived to make Year 1’s trip a success. We already can’t wait for another trip and hope you can join us!