Amazing Autumn 2 in Year 3!


What an action packed half term we have had! We have been to the Hancock Museum, performed our Christmas concert, experimented with prehistoric art techniques plus many more wonderful things!


In Art, we have experimented with different brushes and have experienced prehistoric art. We foraged outside for natural materials and created our own prehistoric art. With the use of charcoal, we also created some cave wall art! In DT, we had a fantastic time learning about seasonal foods and the countries that they come from. We had the chance to create our own fruit kebabs and also, work together as a team to bake our own apple crumble! It was DELICIOUS!

Super Stone Age!

During our Autumn half term, Year 3 have been super historians and completed some super work all about The Stone Age. In Literacy, we have recreated the story of The Stone Age Boy and looked and different setting descriptions of what the environment may have looked like during these times. Building on from our knowledge of this, we put on our history hats and looked into the lives of people during the stone age and how Britain became an Island! We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic! As well as the Stone Age, we also learnt how the Bronze Age and Iron Age changed lives of the people and how the changes have impacted us today.

It really has been a fantastic half term in Year 3. The children all continue to impress us every single day with their enthusiasm and hard work. We ho-ho-hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas holiday and a fabulous New Year. See you next year!