Little Gosforth


In Reception we have been learning about where we live. We have looked at the Solar System and talked about how we live on Planet Earth. We have then used Google maps to zoom in on Earth and find the country we live in. We have looked at the United Kingdom and zoomed into find Newcastle. We then zoomed in closer and found Gosforth. We even managed to find our school and the streets some of us live on.

We have explored maps. We have talked about how important maps are. We have looked at different maps and found out what a birds eye view is. We made our own maps and tried to add some labels.

This inspired us to make our very own 3D mini Gosforth in the classroom. We made our houses using junk modelling materials. We made our school, we even added things like bus stops, traffic lights and speed cameras using all sorts of different resources. We looked at photos and talked about all the things we see on our journey to school.

We made links with our Core book Handa’s Surprise by comparing where we live in Gosforth to where Handa lives in Africa. We noticed lots of things that are different.

Tim “This is the best little Gosforth ever.”

Oliver “Maps are important so we know where to find our house.”