We Are Scientists!


Year 4 have enjoyed learning all about sound this half term. We explored how sound travels and tested this out by making our own string telephones. We had to make our own predictions and think carefully about fair testing in order to get the most accurate results. We had great fun completing this activity and learnt a lot. Who knew that you could link several phones together and that they would still work really well?! It was very important that we kept our string nice and straight so that the sound vibrations could travel directly down the string and into the cup.

We also investigated the pitch of sound and made our own pan pipes – there was a lot of mathematical skill involved in this activity! We learnt that when you blow into panpipes, it makes the air inside the pipes vibrate.

We finished off our science work this half term with a fun, practical investigation. We experimented with skittles and explored the concept of stratification. We added milk, lemonade and water to skittles and positioned them in different ways to see what would happen – we got some very interesting results!

Next half term, we are looking forward to learning all about the human body and finding out about our amazing skeleton and the fascinating journey that our food takes!!