Little Inventors Day



Everyone at Archibald has taken part in our very own Little Inventors Day. We all had to think about what life might be like in 2030 and then create our own invention. It was important to think carefully before we drew our design. For example, what does it do? Who was it for? What is it made out of?

Loris IMG_0881





It turns out that Archibald has some pretty incredible inventors. We created designs to make life easier, safer and a whole lot more fun! If you’re in a rush then maybe you could try one of our hover boards? Are you sick of carrying your umbrella? Well try using one of our flying umbrellas! Do you struggle to get up in the morning? Well don’t worry our rainbow bed comes complete with a metal hand that will gently help you out of bed when your alarm goes off!

IMG_0951 IMG_0886

There were hundreds of wonderfully creative designs and we are very proud of all our little inventors. It was great to see that so many children had thought about and discussed their ideas at home before Little Inventors.