Super Science Week!


Everyone has been taking part in science week at Archibald. Our Gosforth Schools’ Trust members Ben and Erin recently met with pupils from other GST schools to decide on two activities that all our pupils would enjoy. After trying out lots of different activities they decided that Straw Rockets and Peg and Lolly Towers were the best ideas. This week all pupils tried both activities and guess what? They were a whole lot of fun!

We had to use a straw, masking tape and different types and sizes of paper to create a straw rocket. The challenge was to see how far it could go and investigate which kind of design would travel furthest.

IMG_1090     IMG_1107

IMG_1096     IMG_1095


Another activity was using just wooden pegs and lolly sticks to make the tallest tower possible. We didn’t even have any sellotape, glue or blue tac! As you can see there were lots of innovative designs and our job was to investigate which method would result in the highest tower.

IMG_0964     IMG_1090

IMG_0959      IMG_0740

IMG_1089      IMG_0944


There was lots of other exciting science going on such as stomp rockets, bird beak buffet and many  excellent experiments. It really was a super science week!!!