Live Tales


Year 4 have once again had a fantastic trip to the Live Theatre where we took part in ‘Live Tales’!

This is a creative writing workshop that allows the children to be as creative as possible. It isn’t about punctuation or keeping things realistic, the children were encouraged to work as a team to create a completely unique story.

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There was a terrifying editor who didn’t believe that children could write creative stories so we set out to prove her wrong!

Once we had created our characters using all kinds of ideas from different children, we started our story together. We created an unusual setting and then came up with a problem for our character to face.

Then we moved off into groups to continue our story. This meant we had 30 different endings and proved that children had amazingly creative ideas. The editor loved our stories so much that she made them into a book for each of us and we even had some incredible illustrators who brought out story to life with pictures of the characters.

We can’t wait to get back to school and finish our fabulous stories!

Thank you to Live Tales and the parent helpers who made our trip possible.