Loft Music Studios



Today, Year 4 had a fabulous trip to the Loft Music Studios. We learnt all about sound, how it is created and how it travels. It was really exciting, we got to record our selves sing too!


It was great to be able to go into an actual recording studio to perform and record ourselves. We were taught how pieces of music can be combined to achieve different effects. We also learned how sounds can be changed using a range of equipment and techniques.



We had a fabulous time and even got to do a bit of dancing at the end of the session! We are looking forward to listening to our very own CD that we created. These will be available to buy at a discounted price with Loft Music Studios making no profit. A letter will go out to confirm if you would like a copy of the CD for the price of £2.00 Thank you to Loft Music Studios for donating this trip. If any children would like to go back and experience more recording time. The ‘Pop Music Experience at Loft Music Studios’ is available for parties. Contact the studio if you would like more information.