Medieval Day


Yesterday, Year 1 went back in time.  We went back to the time of Knights and Castles.  There were lots of knights, kings, lords, ladies, queens, princesses, and even a few dragons.  We had a banquet in the Great Hall (aka the lower hall) and took part in games such as jousting and archery.


Sir Hillington Knight 2 Dragon Princess Knight 1

I like playing the quoit game-Francesca

I liked the bit where I juggled-Emma

I liked the bit when we jousted-Oliver and Tom

I liked doing the archery-Theo P and Cole

I liked when I was doing archery and on my first go I hit the bulls-eye-William

I liked when I was jousting and I charged at Cole and knocked him off his horse-Henry.

I liked when we jousted and people cheered for you-Lizzy.

Juggling Quoits Quoits Quoits




I liked the part when we had the feast-Ben W

I liked having the feast.  I liked the chicken legs-Emily

Meat pies Enjoying our "wine" Banquet time Chicken legs

Many Thanks to parents for donations of food for our lovely banquet.