No Outsiders


Archibald is very proud to be a ‘No Outsiders’ school.

We have embedded the No Outsiders approach into our school community over a number of years and would like to take this opportunity to share this with you all after initially launching it with families in 2018.

What is No Outsiders?
One of our aims is to support pupils to develop the characteristics and personal qualities which will help to prepare them for life in the 21st Century.

We, therefore, want to deliver a curriculum that enables our children to understand and respect the benefits that exist in a society where difference and diversity are celebrated. We teach the children to respect and accept diversity and difference, to feel that they are never an outsider, and to welcome all who they meet.

The principle of equality is that everyone is treated fairly without suffering discrimination or prejudice.

No Outsider is a proactive approach that encourages children to value and celebrate each other. The teaching of ‘No Outsiders’ supports our school ethos of being a confident individual, a responsible citizen, and to being respectful. It challenges stereotypes and the use of derogatory language in lessons and around the school.

Underpinning our teaching, and the No Outsiders program is the Equality Act 2010 which makes it against the law to discriminate against an individual because of a range of protected characteristics.

Every half term, each class engages with an age-appropriate picture book,
from the No Outsiders program, through which all pupils are taught about diversity. In addition to using the picture books, the children are given the opportunity to discuss thought-provoking images or current news stories in other lessons and assemblies throughout each school week.

It is this that makes our approach to diversity and inclusion embedded in our curriculum.

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