New PTFA Committee Needed


It was back in June 2019 that we successfully recruited our current PTFA leaders – Stephanie Wardle, Rona Fellows and Katie Thomson.
Formally appointed in September 2019, they have been our PTFA committee for nearly two and a half years. With the arrival of ‘Covid’ their term of office has been somewhat different to that of previous committees but they have taken it all in their stride and collectively they have been fantastic!

Sadly, after sneaking in a few more months with them, it is time for the current PTFA committee to call time on their service of organising and participating in a number of fun-filled events to help raise money for the school and all of our children.

I am sure that you will join me in expressing a huge thank you to each of them for their time and dedication.

Thank you Steph, Rona and Katie!

Now in the spring term of 2022, it is time for a new committee to take over and we would like to ask you to consider if this is something you would like to commit to.

The 3 key roles that need to be filled for the PTFA to run are:

  • Chairperson – overall responsibility for the PTFA and the events we run. This role works great as a shared position and we’ve had a number of co-chairs over the years if you feel this may be too much to take on by yourself!
  • Treasurer – responsible for the money and accounting side
  • Secretary – responsible for keeping everyone in order, checking the diary, and ensuring the letters go out in time!

People sometimes think being part of the PTFA is a lot of work and they don’t have the time to commit – yes, there are busy times but it’s not constantly busy or a full-time job – it’s about giving as little or as much time as you can. Above all, though it’s a very rewarding role and a great deal of pride and enjoyment can be taken from being part of the PTFA. There is also a great deal of support and help provided by parents/carers and some of the events are run by non-committee members and just supported by the PTFA. It is also about working in partnership with the school staff who are all very committed and approachable (they can even be known by their first names!).

There are tried and tested ways of fundraising and providing the children with fun experiences but we are also more than happy to find new ventures too! It is all about fun and fundraising for our children.

Sadly, if there is no new committee then the PTFA will cease to exist and the children will lose out on so much fun and extra money that is generated by the PTFA and goes towards enhancing their learning experience at school.

 If you would like to put yourself forward or would like to learn more about what is expected as part of the roles then please get in touch with the current committee via You can make contact with the school via and I am also happy to speak with you too.

Please make contact by the 24th January in the first instance.

Mrs Turner and the PTFA