Year 2’s Grand Designs!


On Tuesday Year 2 were lucky enough to have Martin from Architecture Workshop in to support our Grand Designs topic.

He began by showing us tips to tie elastic bands and how to make 2D triangles and pyramids. We learned that triangles were a stronger shape than squares.

After exploring what it was like in the Arctic, Rainforest and the Desert, we discussed what houses would need to be like to be suitable to their environment. We decided structures in the Arctic should be smaller, so people can huddle and share warmth. We decided houses in the rainforest should be on stilts to keep people safe from the spiders, snakes and fire ants. Finally we decided houses in the desert should have a large space to keep you cool in the day, and a smaller space for night time when the temperature dropped.

In groups we then used our new knowledge to create a suitable structure for each location. We showed super determination, resillience and teamwork and our final structures were superb!

Thank you for a wonderful day, Architecture Workshop!

Childen’s Comments:
What we learned:

“having a square is best on the bottom not the sides, but triangles are stronger”
“I learned it was stronger if we worked together”
“I learned a rainforest house should be made on stilts”
“how to tie bands”

I enjoyed:

“Today was the best day because I loved making a big structure”
“My favourite bit was working as a team with my friends”
“My favourite thing is belieing in myself and working together”