Once upon a time in Reception



This half term we have been learning about traditional tales and we have loved it. We finished off with our Class assembly to share all of our learning.  We asked the children to share their thoughts.  This is what they said.


gingerbread man

I liked decorating my gingerbread man- he was really yummy- Edoardo

The gingerbread man came to our school-Cyrus

I liked the gingerbread man- he was tasty-Aaryan

I loved the gingerbread man because I got to eat one!-Oliver W

I made gingerbread men at home too-Archie


porridge porridge porridge

I enjoyed making a bear in Goldilock’s week.-Isla

My favourite was Goldilocks week because we got to eat porridge. Hallie

We made porridge with toppings. That was the best bit-Dan


I liked Little Red Riding Hood because we solved problems with cake!-Willow

I liked all the stories-Nina




We used a hairdryer to blow down the houses. Bricks were the strongest-Nihal


bridge 2 bridge 1


I liked the three billy goats gruff because it was so fun-Arthur

I liked rewriting the story of the three Billy Goats and making bridges.

I liked using pasta and marshmallows to make my bridge.-Mia


assembly assembly assembly

I liked our class assembly because we got to dress up-Rania

I liked being the first person to talk the assembly-Fred

I liked doing our Class assembly because I liked wearing my wolf costume-Oli

I held onto my hat in assembly-William

I loved being Goldilocks-Emilia

I loved the assembly. I winked at my mummy and daddy-Elliot

I liked the troll’s face-Daniel

I like the part when the woodcutter burst in-Nikiesha

I liked speaking in the assembly- Jack