Paddington arrives in Year 1!


Year 1 have had a ‘bear-illiant’ half term; we had a visit from Paddington Bear!
Paddington has sailed from his home in deepest, darkest Peru and wants to find a new home in the United Kingdom.
Year 1 took on the task of being Geographers to learn all about the UK to help Paddington decide where his new home should be.

The children have blown us away with their knowledge, skills and understanding this half term.
They have been excellent Geographers – we even built the UK using multilink and compared the size based on land mass and population!

In science we had some more four legged friends visit us (and leave rather smelly mess!) The children used their skills of being a scientist to discover that different animals eat different things. We learnt all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and also classified animals using their features into the groups mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects.

In computing we have learnt how to use green screen; the children manipulated the images to make it look like they were at different locations around the UK.
Don’t you think the images are brilliant!

In DT we learnt all about fruit and vegetables. The children started the unit by looking at different fruits and vegetables and how they grow. They discovered that all fruits have seeds – this surprised some children who thought foods like courgettes, peppers and tomatoes were vegetables. We then tasted smoothies, voted on a our favourite, made it healthier by adding a vegetable and went shopping to Sainsbury’s to buy ingredients to make our own smoothie. Finally we safely chopped and grated fruits and vegetables to make our final product. It was delicious!

We have had a great half term; the children have worked hard and we are super proud of them all. Well done Year 1!