PTFA Project 2018-19




Dear parents, carers, school staff and friends,


As you know the PTFA is here to raise money for the school and ensure that all the children benefit from the funds to help enhance their experience at Archibald First School.


Over the last couple of years, thanks to you, we have managed to raise a significant amount of money and this year would love to invest a large sum of money into enhancing and developing the outdoor area at the school.

Over the last few weeks we have liaising with the school and with external companies to see how we can best make use of the space and money we have. Please note that although nothing has been finalised and agreed, and some of the items on our ‘wish list’ are still dependent on the money we can raise throughout the year, we would now like to take this opportunity to share our plans with you. Hopefully you will all be as excited about this project as we are!


Playground equipment, markings and games

  • Daily mile track + exercise stations and sports markings
  • More playground markings (e.g. twister, maze)
  • Wall mounted games / activities (e.g. noughts and crosses, jigsaws)
  • 2 football goals (to be used as part of the pre-existing pitch markings)
  • Removal of wooden planters (aim to recycle timber within Green Zone)


‘Creative Play’ Zone

  • Wooden stage (making use of pre-existing seating areas)
  • Wall mounted activities (e.g. musical chimes, drums)


Early Years

  • New play lodge


Green Zone

  • Development of the green area round the back of the school to try and incorporate a ‘forest school’ feel
  • New planters / benches
  • Den building posts
  • Fire pit
  • Bug hotel


We will involve the children in the decision making regarding the games, activities and playground markings etc.  We are particularly keen to work with the Green Team over the development of the Green Zone.  We will also continue to share information with you as our plans develop.


To help top up the PTFA funds we will also be looking for any grants or corporate donations that may be available and would appreciate any help or guidance as parents and friends of the school that you may be able to offer in this area. If this is something you can support with, please get in touch with the PTFA (


Raffle tickets

To get the ball rolling and to help make the Christmas Fair a huge success then can we please ask you to sell the enclosed tickets for the Grand Raffle which will be drawn on the evening. Please return completed stubs and monies, together with any unsold tickets, in an envelope marked PTFA Raffle by Monday 3rd December.


Finally, we continue to value the all the contributions you make to the PTFA and wouldn’t be able to do such work without the support you have shown over the years.


Thank You