Year 4 Visit to Hindu Temple


This morning, Year 4 have been extremely lucky as we got to visit the Hindu Temple. We travelled there by coach and when we arrived, we felt excited and curious. The first thing we had to do was take our shoes off! We did this because their sacred animals are cows, so it was for respect to the gods, goddesses and animals.


First impressions:

Amber – “I was shocked because there was so many lights!”

Syra – “I felt welcomed when I entered the temple.”

Josh – “It smelled different when we first went in. Good different.”

Jack S – “The man welcomed us to the Temple and he was really really nice.”

Emma – “It looked very nice with all the lights.”

Next, we sat on the white sheets on the carpet and the man told us lots of interesting information. He tested us on our Hindu Gods and Goddess knowledge. All around the room, there were pictures and models of different gods and goddesses. It looked beautiful!

After we had our exploring time, we were so lucky because we were able to watch and listen to a real Hindu prayer, with bells, candles and singing.



Phoebe – The offerings to all of the different gods and goddesses.

Arietti – The huge picture of Rama, that people could pray to.

Daniel – Watching the prayer and listening to the bells and singing.

Edith – The baby statue of Krishna.

Charlie – Looking at the jewels and decoration that the gods and goddesses were wearing.


We loved this trip and it was a great way to end our week, especially because this week’s theme is #ChooseRespect. Thank you again to the Hindu Temple, the grown ups who accompanied us and Mrs Marshall!