Pyjama Drama in Early Years- A trip into space!


Last week Lucy and Louise from Pyjama Drama came to work with Early Years to start off our space topic.

The drama workshop began by the children climbing into their own spaceships and blasting off into space whilst performing ‘5 little men in a flying saucer’.

We then got out the musical instruments for a big performance of the song. We were fantastic!

Our journey continued as we found a very small alien! He had crash landed and was very sad as he could not get home. We fixed his spaceship and blasted off into outer space! Some groups took their alien back to his home on the moon, some children took their alien back to Jupiter and Mars. Suddenly some space monsters began to chase us, aaahhhh! Luckily we managed to escape and safely returned all aliens back to their home.


We had great fun and the children were all very animated, offering great ideas and showing such fantastic imagination!

“It was good I liked running to the music in the flying saucer” Toby Class 2

“We had to take a alien in space it was good” Abberley Nursery

“I liked it when we ran around to find the alien” Elodie Class 1

“It was good when we had to get in our spaceship” Max R Nursery

“I liked the bit when I touched the alien” Lexi Class 2

A huge thank you to Louise and Lucy, we are ready to explore space!


performing   5 little men Pyjama drama starting the spaceship little alien! blasting off to space performing our song Uh oh! Jacob is stuck in the spaceship!