Theatre Group Visit


In celebration of Book Week, West End in Schools theatre company, visited Archibald today and performed a fabulous musical entitled Shine a Light. They create literacy musicals to showcase the importance of children’s books in a way that teachers and children love. All of the performers are professionals from West End shows like Matilda and Chicago.

The overall theme of SHINE A LIGHT is overcoming fear of the unknown. The story highlights how unfounded some fears can be and encourages children to talk to other people about their concerns.


“I really enjoyed the way they got through a important lesson to us by acting it out, making it fun and letting us join in! Using popular books and well known stories it was amazing for everyone” , Cerys, Year 4



“I really liked the performance they did I thought it was very humorous and it told you a few great lessons ”  Elm0 Class 10 .


“I liked how they made it fun and how they made everyone join in with singing and moving about. It was funny how they put on funny voices to be different people”. Daisy class 10.