Religious Education in the Autumn Term!


During the first Autumn Term, we all looked at how we belong to different communities, religions and groups in our communities. As we progress through the school, we’ve compared our understanding of different religions considering our own reflections and how we can relate and make links to different ideas.

It was great to hear all about how the children in EYFS belong to lots of groups outside of school and we all discussed which religions and languages we have in our new reception classes. This year, we discovered, with the help of Mrs McGurk that we have 23 languages in school!

In Year 1, we looked at different ways to show that we belong to a group. We also looked at different artefacts which can be used to show that we belong to religious and non-religious groups.

In Year 2, we started to look at religious initiation ceremonies and our own personal experiences, comparing similarities and differences between these. Some of us go to brownies and beavers, as well as sports groups, in and out of school.

Year 3 considered all of the religions they have studied in school and their own experiences of belonging. They looked at a range of ways of communicating with god or their own special person.

Year 4 considered belonging in terms of our rights and responsibilities in different situations. As well as considering the benefits of being part of different groups, communities and clubs.

Look at our fantastic work from EYFS through to year 4!

This term, we’ve introduced the terms believer and a non-believer. Alongside this, we’ve considered in school our own character traits (caring, creative, courageous and curious) and how this can be linked to the religions we are learning about.

Early years have been introducing the celebrations and how different religions are celebrated. Mrs Nisbet loved coming in to see you learning a Diwali dance and hearing all about your role play area! You’ve all been very creative learners in Early Years and it was fantastic to hear you chatting so enthusiastically about Diva Lamps and your learning. I know Mrs McGurk was so impressed with your Diva Lamps, she worked with Mrs Marshall and the school council to make one for each classroom! A huge thanks to the school council.

Reception also performed an excellent nativity in front of an audience and we are so proud of how courageous they were. It was lovely to hear them talk about how much they enjoyed acting and taking on different roles as well as learning

In KS1 (Year 1 and 2), we’ve thought about special and precious gifts, what do we give and receive? Some of us celebrate religious festivals such as Hanukkah or Christmas, whereas some of us celebrate Diwali, pancake day, birthdays and christenings. Year 1 were lucky enough to visit the Church and learn all about Baptism services and ceremonies. Year 1 and Year 2 children began to reflect upon the word ‘prayer’ and look at how different religions pray to god. They thought it was important that everyone respects people’s individual ways to pray/worship or even meditate. Some children really enjoy singing songs or coloring in to take time to reflect about their own thoughts and feelings. The symbols Year 2 used to represent what caring meant to them were incredibly creative!

In KS2 (Year 3 and 4), we’ve looked in more detail at the person of Jesus and other people who influence our lives. Year 3 discussed the term ‘faith’ and how this can be shown in religions and also our everyday lives, continuing the focus of non-religious believers and a religious believers. By considering different sources of evidence, we’ve looked at artists impressions, symbols, stories from the bible and quotes which have shown us how different beliefs and faiths can be represented. Year 4 considered the Journey to Bethlehem and the significance of this in the Christmas story. They built on their previous knowledge in year 3 about the person of Jesus and started to reflect upon the qualities people show in different situations. It was lovely to hear them use the words ‘resilient’ and ‘believe in yourself’ when reflecting upon their own lives. Year 4 were also lucky enough to be able to visit The Hindu Temple and make direct comparisons between Christmas and Diwali. Despite their religions, they discussed that everyone likes to celebrate different festivals or events, possibly by giving gifts or making gifts and the importance of light and food in these celebrations.


We ended the term with a fantastic Church Service to reflect upon the diverse community which we all live. At Archibald, we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and celebrate the holidays in your own special, unique way. Year 4, thank you for being resilient, determined and courageous delivering our church service to the congregation. Thanks to Trinity Church for hosting us! A special mention for all our talented musicians as well who welcomed the visitors by playing an array of tunes on the piano!

A huge thanks to Mrs McGurk for arranging a visit from Mr Hall who teaches at a school in Ghana. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making Christmas cards for them and also receiving cards. This act of kindness has helped to develop the children’s understanding of different cultures and experiences. It also allowed Mr Hall and the children to discuss similarities and differences between the schools.