Awesome Autumn 2 in Year 3


This half term, as always, has been full of great fun, lots of learning and jolly festivities! This half term we have made delicious tarts and We really have shown the qualities of being caring, courageous, curious and creative!

Art and DT

This half term, Year 3 have been very creative this half term by making food tarts. They were delicious! In Art, we started to use a variety of paintbrushes and develop our mixing skills

The Stone Age

Year 3 have had a fabulous time learning about the Stone Age this term. During this topic, we have look at how houses have developed through the stone age. We have investigated different artefacts to discover what life may have been like during those times and also created our Christmas Calendars based on Stonehenge. We have also seen some amazing homework projects so a huge well done to everyone!

In Literacy, we have been writing our own non chronological reports about the Stone Age which includes facts about their diet, housing and farming. As well as the Non-Chronological report, we wrote our own version of our Literacy text ‘The Stone Age Boy.’


In Science, we have been learning about Rocks and Soils. From the different types of rocks to identifying different properties of soil.


We have been spreading the cheer this year with our wonderful singing voices. We have been luck enough to have Claire teach us signing who works at the Newcastle Cathedral; you may have heard a couple of the songs in our Christmas performance. We also had the chance to sing some carols to the public in Gosforth Shopping Centre.

It really has been a fantastic half term in Year 3. The children all continue to dazzle us every single day with their enthusiasm and hard work. We ho-ho-hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas holiday and a fabulous New Year!