Rising Sun Fun!


Early Years had a great time at Rising Sun country park to finish off our pirate topic.  We asked the children to tell us about their trip.

We sat around a camp fire.- Mollie

We made animals.-Emaan

The best bit was finding treasure. -Luke

The clues had animal pictures and facts on.- Daniel

We used maps to find where we were going in the woods.- Dan

We needed crack the code to get into the treasure chest. -Hugo

I went pond dipping at the side of the lake. It was fun.- Aidan

My group found all the clues first. -Alex.

I liked it when I saw the man exercising the horse-Oliver W.

I got two water boatmen. -Hallie

I liked making art on the floor with sticks from the woods-Mithila.

I liked sitting around the campfire and singing songs-Nikiesha


Thank you to all of our parent helpers who joined us at Rising Sun. Thank you to our excellent wardens- Helen and Heather. Thank you to the PTFA for helping to fund our trip.