Safer Internet Week 2018


We have had a very busy week thinking about how to be safe online.

Nursery read the story of Smartie the penguin and learnt a song to help us to STOP and THINK before we TAP and CLICK.

Reception read a story about 3 little monsters who share a picture online but then get a negative comment.  We talked to the children about who they would turn to if they had a problem and made helping hands.

Year 1 looked at the story of DigiDuck and how he regrets sending a embarrassing picture of his friends.

Year 2 talked about their virtual footprint and how everywhere we go we leave our mark.

Year 3 looked a scenarios of children receiving negative and positive comments and how they would deal with them

Year 4 had a visit from Julian Hughes from GEM education who look at pictures we should and should not share. He created some fake news with some children appearing to meet Donald Trump!

Julian also ran out Digital Literacy evening for parents- sharing how to help manage your child’s online life.

We finished today by making a long chain around our school to drive home the message that we are all connected and making a better internet.

Check out our Digital literacy page to find out more.