School Lunches


After weeks of building work the kitchen and additional teaching rooms are nearing completion, unfortunately they are not quite there which means we are unable to serve a hot dinner. We would like to thank you for your support during this time and keep you up to date with the food the children are being served.

The children have been filled with excitement on getting their lunch boxes (and the staff have been admiring them too!). Each day they have a choice of a freshly made sandwich – egg, cheese, ham or tuna; a piece of fruit or fruit bag; a yoghurt, muffin or homemade cookie and a drink of fresh juice or water. This is in addition to their fruit snack at break time.

As a reminder, if your child normally has a lunch provided by school but you are sending in a lunch from home until the school kitchen is ready then you must inform the school office as this impacts on our food orders. Children in years 3 and 4 will still be charged for a school dinner unless the office is informed.

We anticipate that the school kitchen will be open from Monday 21st September.