The Awesome Quayside Trip



Year 2 visited the Quayside to find out more about the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle in 1854. The trip was lots of fun because we saw lots of cool buildings and bridges. We took the metro there and walked up and down hundreds of steps!

Quayside noises

We had to make noises that you would hear in 1854.

‘My favourite noise was being a seagull’ – Rebecca Y.


Crossing The Swing Bridge

We did a lot of walking and crossed The Swing Bridge.


‘I liked crossing the bridge because it had a great view and you could see the water sparkling beneath us’ – Amy.

Lovely View


These rocks came from the explosion from the warehouse.


Listening to the fire

We visited Bessie Surtees House and acted out the actual fire!


Old Clothes

‘It was fun pretending to be buildings that were on fire!’ – Aaron.

Acting out the fire