Science Competition!!!


We have an exciting poster competition for you all building up to our Science Week and supporting National British Science Week 2015. The theme for the competition is ‘Science on your Doorstep’ and we are sure that you will be able to look outside your window or think about people or places in the North East that may inspire you for this theme.


Your Task: Collect information and use science to create an original poster that shows how it is relevant to your area and why it is important to you, your region and Britain.

The only rule is that your poster must be 2D (flat). It can be in any format you like so it could be a hand-drawing, a painting or done with a computer.


How to enter…

Create an original poster about a scientific, technological, medical, mathematical advancement that came from near where you live.

You can draw or paint a poster, build a model or create a design on the computer.

Please draw/print your design onto an A4 or A3 sheet of paper.

You can create a 3D model which you can bring in for a school display. However you need to take a photo of your model and mount your image onto an A4 or A3 sheet of paper as your official competition entry. You can label your poster with the information.

Return your entry to school by Monday 16th March.


Information needed…

Each entry must have clearly written the following information:

 Title of your poster, picture etc. this must appear on the front of the poster

 Student name, student age and school name and address. Please clearly print these details on the back of the poster.

 A statement, description or explanation of the science in their poster

 A statement, description or explanation of how the student’s chosen topic is linked to their area/region


All entries will be placed on display in the school hall and compliment our new Science Displays from each year group.  Up to 10 finalists will have their entry sent to the British Science Association.


We are looking forward to seeing your entry. Who will be the first to submit?