Year 3 go to Gaol by Year 3 Bloggers


Year 3 have been to Hexham Gaol as part of their Tudor topic.  I asked them to tell me about their trip.  Here’s what they said:


On Wednesday we went on a trip to hexam gaol to learn about Tudors. Then   we got to play on the stocks. me and my friend   Libby went on the stocks then we up the stair case stairs.-Summer

At school we have been learning about the Tudors and on the 4th of February class 8 went to Hexham Goal . We learnt lots of facts my favourite fact was about the plague. We did acting out and wore costumes.-Edie

Class 8 went to a special trip to a Tudor prison, we went to the dungeon in the lift it was so scary. We dressed as real Tudor’s it was amazing, we done some Tudor dancing my partner was jack c then we had lunch I was sitting next to Iona, Sophie, Libby and Summer. After lunch we swopped groups so I hat to do some acting. -Izzy

On Wednesday class 8 went on a school trip to the old jail. When we got there   we got to take are coats of and we went up a stair case.-Libby

On Wednesday the 4th of February class 8 (my class) went to Hexham Goal. We went to the Goal because we were learning about the Tudors.-Poppy

On Wednesday the 4th of February Class8 went to Hexham old Goal, to learn about the Tudors. We learnt lots of amazing things like how to cure the plague. Also we did a re-enactment of a famous jail break and I played a guard! -Evie

On Wednesday the 4th of February we went to the Tudor jail for our school trip, we learnt lots of things such as the jail brake. We dressed up as Tudor and danced like them. The people that were showing us around wore servants cloths.-Martha

Well on Wednesday we went to the old gaol and the lady told us that people use to go to the old gaol. But one of the prisnas escaped.- Ariana

On Monday 2nd of February class7 went to a Tudor jail called the old goal. We learnt lots of exciting things. We done a renactment of a jail brake. -Zack

Looks like they had a great time!