Stay and Play Feedback


Thank you to all the parents who gave us feedback about our Christmas Stay and Play. We would like to share some of the lovely comments we received. Mrs Ward was especially pleased at the comments about her homemade mince pies.

The lovely atmosphere, seeing the freedom of the children to pick their activities and hearing a story on the carpet. 
A lot of nice seasonal activities, really enjoyed the homemade mince pies in front of the ‘fire’!
Loved the elf hunt outside. It was just good being able to do things together. We don’t get to spend much time 1:1 with him having a sibling. I also just enjoyed being able to see what my son’s environment is like, having him show me around and see him interacting with his new friends. It’s a massive part of his life now and I feel I’ve got a better understanding of it. 
There were many activities to choose from, and it was nice to get to know the area in which our son spends a large portion of his time.
The mince pies were also a nice touch 🙂
I enjoyed being able to have fun with my little boy and he seemed to enjoy showing me round his class. 
Spending time with my son and doing focused tasks
The atmosphere was lovely. Kids are getting to know they could use loads of different things to make a beautiful Christmas  decoration. 
All of it
Working with flu and glitter
How much all the children enjoyed all the crafts
What a fantastic idea to invite parents to school and organise such fun activities to do together! It was lovely to see my child in the school environment and to explore the different zones. I really enjoyed all the activities we did together and the joy I saw in her eyes is priceless.
It was really interesting bonding activity. Lots of crafts and toys was there. My daughter has enjoyed making the Christmas card. Thanks a lot for organizing this event. 
drawing a festive picture 
The homely and welcoming atmosphere
The range of crafts availabl
My child being able to show me the setting and areas he enjoys 
All of it! Especially the reindeer hats and the games outside 
How excited the children were to show us around their space and how much they seem to love it. 
The whole event. Especially, the Elf hunt, xmas card making, snow man and the story time. 
Experiencing the early years environment and watching the children interacting.
Variety of crafts And activities The well thought out plan of all the activities. Fantastic idea to give ‘map’ of the areas. Great to see my son interact with the teachers at various tables. 
Variety of things to get involved with. Meeting other children/parents. Seeing the environment the children spend their day in. Being allowed to bring little sibling along! I couldn’t have made it otherwise. 
The variety of activities; the elf hunt was a favourite, as was the biscuit decoration. And the Rudolph crown! The atmosphere was lovely and welcoming. The timing was perfect – the final week of term.
The variety of activities and meeting teachers and children from reception (my child is in nursery)
Seeing the children in their own environment – meeting other children who have become my child’s friends
Joining in with the children’s activities and getting a glimpse into their nursery life. The story time at the end of the session by the ‘fire’ with a mince pie was particularly lovely.
I enjoyed seeing the children in their own environment and my daughter being able to show me around. I also enjoyed seeing my daughter interact with the teachers and other pupils. It felt very Christmassy – the atmosphere was lovely. More than anything, I enjoyed the mince pie.
Seeing where and what my child plays with, seeing him interact with other people and his confidence doing activities. Also, seeing him and other children happily showing their person/people their stuff. 
Various activites were there to do with kids.
Great activities that the kids enjoyed, opportunity to see what the kids had been doing in nursery and the lovely mince pies and story at the end. 
Seeing my child in their setting
My daughter showing me her classroom and seeing her be confident and happy in this area. Getting a glimpse of what she gets upto.