Year 2 uncover the past at Segedunum Roman Fort!


Yesterday Year 2 took a super trip to Wallsend to visit Segedunum. After an exciting coach journey we split into two classes and went off for our first workshop.

Some of us went upstairs to begin training to become a Roman soldier. After learning the Roman promise we then looked at what the Roman soldiers wore. We were shocked at just how many layers they had to wear and how heavy the ring mail and helmet were! Miss Dearing and Mrs Patrick kindly offered to dress up as soldiers- don’t they look fierce! We also learned how to care for and clean our weapons, march as a unified army and we even learned a little bit of Latin!

We also had another workshop where we learned more about Celtic life and the Celtic warriors. After listening to the story of Boudicca and her Iceni tribe, we learned how to make Celtic friendship bracelets, how to weave willow to make round huts and we decorated ourselves in ‘woad’.

We also had a brilliant time exploring the remains of the Roman fort! A huge thank you to all the grown ups that came to help us, the trip wouldn’t have been possible without you!