Year 3’s Brilliant Bravery!


Year 3 have been talking about how we are brave in different situations. We have been talking about mental Health Week and finding our own bravery. This week we chose a song from The Greatest Showman – ‘This is me!’ to represent how we are all unique and brave! #findyourbrave

“We have made a video of us acting the song ‘This is Me!’. We have dancing, acting and singing, this is something you could do too! There is just one rule, which is HAVE FUN!” Teddy W.

“Another reason we picked this song ‘This is Me’ is because the people are all different and the song is most related to No Outsiders. In our school, there are NO OUTSIDERS!” Oli J

Check out our very own ‘This is Me!’ video below…

Our creation of ‘This is Me!’