STEM science returns to Year 1 for magnificent minibeasts


This afternoon our science expert, called Mrs. Willis, came in to Year 1 to help us hunt for minibeasts. We talked about the different types of minibeasts then went exploring around school. We used pooters, which are small jars to collect the insects. We had to suck the bugs into the jar but luckily we couldn’t swallow any. We got to have a close look at the minibeasts we caught. We found beetles, ants, spiders, flies, woodlice and many others creepy crawlies. Once we had looked closely we made sure we returned the critters back to their homes.

After exploring minibeasts up close we looked at different plants. We talked about grouping plants and got to touch and feel some fantastic plants such as fresh smelling mint and spiky cactus. We used microscopes to get a closer look.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Willis for such a fun afternoon. We have really enjoyed being scientists and we hope you come back soon!


digging for minibeasts I got one! look what we caught! what can you find? hunting minibeast hunt hunting using pooters "this one smells nice" plants using microscopes comparing plants exploring plants