Sugar Bugs… BEWARE!


On Wednesday 18th January 2017, four student dentists from Newcastle University visited us in Year 3! They came to teach us how to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We split into groups and learnt lots of different things as we moved around the room.

Science - Dentist Visit

We learnt lots of new things about our teeth. We now know that the germs in our mouths are like sugar bugs! If the sugar bugs cause a hole in our teeth, and it reaches the nerve, we will get a toothache!

The sugar bugs spit out acid which can damage our teeth. This is why it is so important to brush our teeth. – Issy.

Before you eat something sugary, we were told we should drink water or milk, or eat a small piece of cheese. This is to fill the sugar bugs up with healthier choices and vitamins. – Aggie.

We found out that we should brush our teeth for two minutes, twice a day. – Loris.

Science - Dentist Visit

Sugary drinks already have acid in them, so think before you drink! – Lanie.

If you don’t brush your teeth, they will rot and you might need a filling! – Ruby.

Science - Dentist Visit

It’s better to choose sugar free drinks to look after your teeth. – Connor.

It is better to brush your teeth before eating your breakfast, otherwise you are just brushing bits of breakfast further into your teeth. – Rosa.

We had lots of fun dressing as dentists, and we learnt that wearing a mask helps prevent the spreading of germs. We also practised brushing giant teeth!

Science - Dentist Visit Science - Dentist Visit Science - Dentist Visit Science - Dentist Visit

We had a great afternoon with the dentists, and they even gave us a toothbrush each! Thank you to our brilliant visitors!

Class 8.

Science - Dentist Visit