Recycled Paper Fun!


Our topic in year 2 is all about looking after our planet which is why it’s called ‘How can we give the world a hug?’ We decided to make some recycled paper which means less trees are cut down and this makes our planet more healthy.

First we soaked the shredded paper overnight to make it a bit soft. Then we put it in a blender which was a bit noisy and a bit messy too! When it comes out the blender it is called pulp.


Next we had to add a little water and stir it with a wooden spoon and then it was time to make the paper jazzy by adding some glitter. We decided to put in red, blue and gold.



After that we had to use a mesh which looks a bit like a net. We scooped out the pulp and put it on a board. Now it was time to put a really heavy book onĀ  to make it flat. Finally we put it on the radiator to dry for a few days and voila the paper was ready!