Year 4 go coding crazy!



Class 10 had great fun when Julian visited us on Wednesday to teach us how to use the coding program Scratch. We were taught how to use a series on algorithms to create our own underwater scene.










We then changed the rotation style of the sprite and inserted an underwater backdrop. Then we added more sprites and had to make them move at different speeds – this was tricky!!






We resized some of the sprites and changed them around to move in different directions. After that, Julian showed us how to insert sounds – now this was really cool!














Finally, we created a new algorithm so some sprites changes costumes as they moved across the stage!


It was a brilliant session and we learnt so many new skills. Scratch is a free program and many of us are keen to try it out at home. Now that Class 10 are coding experts, we are going to teach our friends in Class 9 how to use the program, so that they to can become cool coders!!