Super Science in Year 1


We have been so lucky in Year 1, because we had a visit from two scientists from Newcastle University; Anne and Luke.

They came in to talk about how colours are made. We used felt tip pens and filter paper to help us find out.

We had to choose a colour and draw a spot on the filter paper, then drop a tiny bit of water on. Some of the colours began to change. Sean said it looked like a space blast!

We had to see which colours were made up of different colours.IMG_0133 Green IMG_0135 IMG_0136 Results Investigation

Here are some of our results:

Grey = blue, peach, silver, black

Black = purple and turquoise

Brown = red and turquoise and blue

Red = yellow and orange

These colours stayed the same: purple and pink


We learned some very tricky scientific vocabulary:

mono pigments = 1 colour

bi pigments = 2 colours

tri pigments = 3 colours

Anna – My best bit was drawing the dot and putting the water on.

Calum – I enjoyed making a picture and putting water on to make it change. Mine looked like a scorpion.

Ashton – My favourite bit was watching the black change, I was so shocked it turned light blue.

Niamh – I liked making my own picture too.

George – I liked watching brown.

Sophia – My favourite colour to watch was black.


Thank you Anne and Luke, we had so much fun!