Super Story Telling from Chris Bostock in Year 1!


Yesterday Year 1 were lucky enough to have the fantastic story teller, Chris Bostock, come in and tell us a wonderful story.

Chris told this fantastic story about a cat who wanted to go to dog’s party. ┬áThe cat went on an amazing adventure through a forest and met many animals along the way.

The children were all able to join in with the story by joining in with the repeated parts and the actions.

We all had so much fun becoming cats, pigeons and even tortoises. After the story the children worked in pairs to create a story map to show the key points of the story which we will be using next week.

Thank you so much for coming Chris Bostock, we all had so much fun and we look forward to exploring more of your story next week in Literacy.


A story of adventure Join in with the actions Chris Bostock So much fun Being a tortoise Making our story maps A story map