Cool Chemistry in Year 4!


We have had a fantastic chemistry lesson from Northumbria University and Newcastle University. Class 9 and 10 learnt in a fun and practical way, about what happens when drugs and medicine enter our bodies.



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First we made slime by mixing different chemicals. We had to measure the amounts very carefully to make sure the reaction would work.

Then we had to mix the chemicals and make our slime. The slime felt very strange and the children loved playing with it. The slime represented the cells in our body. We had to mix them into a ball and make a dimple to add some glitter to represent the drug. When the glitter had been pushed into the centre of the cell we were ready to treat our healthy and poorly bodies.

The cells were dropped into coloured mixture that was spun around and we saw how the glitter was dispersed in the poorly body.

Afterwards we looked at the bonds of the chemicals and what had happened in the reaction by using ourselves as the chemicals and forming a chain.

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