Super Synagogue Trip


On Tuesday Year 2 had a very special day. We walked smartly to the synagogue. A synagogue is a place where Jewish people go to pray. We looked at special books that had English and Hebrew in them so everyone could understand. When you open the books you have to open them the opposite way round. This was because Jewish people read from right to left.


Next we looked at some mezuzahs which are on a wall and you touch them to show respect. Inside the mezuzah is a small prayer. There were some really cool mezuzahs like SpongeBob, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and lots more.



Some people got to wear a hat called a kippah but it was only the boys! They had lots of fun kippahs like Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Minions and so many football teams too.


We looked at a Torah scroll which is very long. In fact when you roll it out it is as long as five football pitches!  Some lucky ducks got to try on a prayer shawl which is actually called a tallit.




It really was a brilliant trip!


“The four corners of the tallit represent the four corners of the world” – Francesca.

“I liked the part where we looked at the books” – Ebony.

“I found out that Jewish people write the other way to us” – Isaac.

“I found out how to write my name in Hebrew” – Tom G.


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